Grocery Coupons

Grocery Store Coupons

Before I learned how to be a savvy shopper, I used to go to the grocery store 2 or 3 times a week and spend way more money on groceries than I should. I rarely used grocery store coupons, and it seemed like I was always forgetting something, or I’d find a recipe that called for an ingredient I didn’t have, or sometimes I just wanted something fresh. While not everyone goes to the grocery store that many times a week and many shoppers already use coupons, everyone has to go to the grocery store from time to time, and we could all use a little “tune up” on the best ways to save money while shopping.


We all need food, and the grocery store has it. Since everyone goes there and spends money, everyone wants to save money while they are there. Grocery stores know this, and they take advantage of this by bribing us all with grocery store coupons. They want to motivate you to get in their store and not the one down the street. Stores put expiration dates on their coupons to get you into their store sooner rather than later. Then they offer a new set of coupons next week.


Grocery store coupons are good and bad for you. They are good because you can save money every time you go to the store if you know how to work the system. But, they can be bad because sometimes the deals look a lot better in your mind than they do in reality. The expiration date on coupons can be good and bad for you too.

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Printable Grocery Store Coupons

How do printable grocery store coupons get you to think some deals are better than they really are? They do this by making the grocery store coupons have tricky wordings, or they design the sale so you have to buy more to save. While all coupons don’t try to trick you with wording or trick you into buying more, some do. That is why you have to be cautious with your printable grocery store coupons. If you are careful, you will save a lot.



They way to do this is to shop by grocery store coupons and not by products. If there is a deal on chicken this week, you may not need chicken this week, but don’t hesitate to stock up. This is because in two weeks when you need chicken, ham will be featured on the coupons. If you stocked up on chicken when you had a coupon, then you won’t have to pay full price when you do need it. 



Saving money can make shopping almost like a fun little puzzle game. You have to work the system stocking up on some products, while still getting everything you need, and saving in every way you can. It is fun to go to the store and get 50 bucks worth of groceries for 48 dollars. While the 2 dollars might not seem like a lot, if you save 2 dollars every time you go to the store, it adds up fast. You will be able to save much more than 2 dollars some visits as well. The more practice you get at finding and using coupons, the more you will perfect your strategy and the more you will save.