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For over 75 years Ocean Spray has been around to provide you and me with some amazing products. It started with a cranberry jelly sauce and then a cranberry juice, and today there are more than 30 kinds of cranberry juices available. Not to mention they have multiple flavors of grapefruit, cherry and blueberry juices. And it doesn’t end with juice. There are also several versions of dried cranberries, trail mixes, craisins, sauces, and fresh fruit. They have so many products you are bound to love one (or more) of them. That means Ocean Spray coupons should come in handy.


Since Ocean Spray is known primarily for cranberries, lets find out more about the fruit. Cranberries are one of three fruits that are native to North America, which is pretty cool in itself. Not only are cranberries nutritious, but the Native Americans also used them to remove poison from the wounds caused by poison arrows. This is pretty cool stuff.

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If you are looking for a snack to bring camping with you or a juice to put on the table for dinner, Ocean Spray has a product for you. And before you go to the store to buy an Ocean Spray product you need printable Ocean Spray coupons. Why not look at our free Get Grocery Coupons manufacturer coupon database? You may just be able to find free printable Ocean Spray coupons there. Ocean Spray also has a Facebook page, and most companies will offer coupons to people who “like” a page or become a “fan” of a product on Facebook. A few mouse clicks is worth a shot at printable Ocean Spray coupons.



There are other options of places you can go to get printable Ocean Spray coupons. Try joining the Cranberry Club for e-mail notifications that provides subscribers with recipes, exclusive events, coupons, and more. Or you can go to the Ocean Spray website and maybe they will have a deal or two for you. If searching online doesn’t result in a printable Ocean Spray coupon, then you can try your Sunday paper, or the junk mail pile in your mailbox.



Remember that coupon availability varies at different times during the year. It is very likely that during the holidays Ocean Spray coupons will be more available because cranberries are a staple of the holidays. So if you don’t find the coupon you want, wait for it….the coupon will come. When the Ocean Spray coupons you want do come, don’t be afraid to stock up since you never know if or when the deal will reappear—and cranberries freeze well. Also be on the lookout for in store deals or other coupons and offers that you can combine to multiply your savings!