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Some of the hardest coupons to find are produce coupons. This is because a lot of stores will just lower the prices of items in the produce department instead of issuing produce coupons. They have to do this more often because the time it takes to plan, print, and distribute the coupons is usually too long for perishable inventory like produce. So they just mark it down in the store. With that said, you can find produce coupons if you are willing to hunt around for them. This may mean that you have to check out multiple grocery stores even.


Another reason produce coupons might be hard to find is because many stores rely on local growers rather than brand name growers for their produce. Local growers provide stores with the freshest possible produce, but because they are local they probably don’t sell enough to make coupons a viable option. So, if you don’t want to support your local growers, you might wan to try going to national chains of supermarkets, they are more likely to use national chain growers.

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Printable Produce Coupons



You may be able to find printable produce coupons online. If your goal is to find printable produce coupons then you should look to our Free Manufacturer Coupon Database for national brands. We keep that database as current as possible, so you will be able to find coupons that haven’t expired, unlike of many of the other coupon databases out there.



Searching for coupons online is very different than searching through your Sunday paper for coupons. In the paper you’ll find ads for specific stores and those ads will be organized into departments of the store. This makes it easy to think generically. You can think, “I want fruit. I wonder what fruit is for sale?” But online, you need to be much more specific than that. You may want to focus your search for printable produce coupons on specific brands and products of produce such as Dole or Del Monte, rather than searching for something more vague like “produce coupons.”



This leads us to our final thoughts about produce coupons. You need to avoid extremes. We have explained that produce coupons are hard to find, so it might be easy to get caught searching for them for hours on end. Don’t do that! Your time is more important than saving 12 cents on bananas. Another extreme that is easy to fall for is driving all around town and even to other towns for deals on produce. You could end up spending more on gas than you actually save. Be careful with this! Lastly, avoid extreme prices. If the produce is not the price you can afford, and you can’t find produce coupons, then don’t buy it. Just wait for a sale or a coupon.



With these tools and ideas you will be ready to take on the task of finding those exiguous produce coupons. Start out with our database and go from there.