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When Dad pulled out his lunch bucket, he was offered many other refreshments for one piece of his homemade bread.  His children had the same experience while working their summer jobs. From my two sandwiches, which were four thick slices of homemade bread, I was offered desserts, sodas, chips, and other tempting snack food that we seldom had at home, for one piece of my mother’s homemade bread.  Decades later, mother still gets letters asking for the ingredients and recipes of her made at home bread, from those who were fortunate enough to have experienced it over the years.  I can’t remember all the ingredients, but I do remember the bread had honey, yeast, salt, whole wheat, some leftover wheat mush, and whole milk.  We are not sure of the amounts and even mom, now near 80 years old, can’t remember the exact ingredients or measurements so she turns to the next best thing, Rhodes homemade bread.  She and many other mothers and grandmothers save money as well as time when baking bread by finding and using Rhodes bread and roll coupons.

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All seasons of the year can result in abundant availability of coupons, however, the holidays are especially useful for coupon collectors.  Generally, shoppers can find Rhodes bread coupons throughout the year.   Here at Grocery Coupon Center we offer free manufacturer coupons through our database of current coupon offers. Always be on the lookout for greater savings opportunities by using your Rhodes coupons when individual stores are offering Rhodes products at an advertized reduced price or as an in store special. You just might double or triple your savings.  There are even coupon users savvy enough to combine their coupons in such a way that they end up getting the products at low cost.


Rhodes coupons are available for more items and uses than just loaves of bread.  Rhodes dough can be used to make valued foods such as multi-grain rolls, sweet rolls, pizza, and specialty breads.  Rhodes dough is also excellent for making all types of creative appetizers and holiday foods.   Free Rhodes coupons are essential for the penny-pinching shopper. So connect with Rhodes Bake-N-Serv on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for the latest tips and offers.


You can feed your family without excessive time and money. With proper planning, preparation and use of free Rhodes bake and serve coupons and online Rhodes bread coupons, you can enjoy stocking your freezer with Rhodes when the price is right.   So bring the charm of mother and grandma into your home and remember that there really is nothing quite like the smell or taste of fresh homemade bread.